A photo collage illustrating Big Tech's contribution to Israeli Apartheid

No Tech For Apartheid

Take the Student Pledge: Refuse jobs at Google & Amazon for powering Israeli Apartheid
Join the #NoTechForApartheid movement to demand tech companies like Google and Amazon stop profiting off of Israeli apartheid and violence against the Palestinian people. Add your name now to build power with other students taking action to disrupt the tech-talent pipeline on university campuses worldwide.

The Pledge

Last October, over 1,000 Amazon and Google workers and over 52 human rights organizations came together to rise up against a $1.22 billion contract signed by Amazon and Google to provide cloud technology to the Israeli government and military.

As students in STEM and beyond, we’re joining the #NoTechForApartheid campaign to demand Amazon and Google cut the contract, known as Project Nimbus. Technology should be used to bring people together, not enable apartheid and ethnic cleansing.

Palestinians are already harmed by Israeli surveillance and violence. By expanding public cloud computing capacity and providing their state of the art technology to the Israeli occupation’s government and military, Amazon and Google are helping to make Israeli apartheid more efficient, more violent, and even deadlier for Palestinians.

Divestment has historically been a key strategy in student activism. In addition to helping dismantle apartheid in South Africa in the 1980s, students continually stand up to destructive corporations that are complicit in human rights violations. We have an obligation to continue this practice in order to support Palestinian human rights and dismantle the Israeli apartheid regime.

We refuse to be complicit in these abuses. Until Amazon and Google executives choose to be on the right side of history and cut the contract, we pledge not to take jobs or internships at Google or Amazon. We call on all students of conscience to join over 1000 Google and Amazon workers and tens of thousands of people & demand #NoTechForApartheid on university campuses worldwide.